Shenzhen Valueplus2 Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen valueplus2 Electronics Co., Ltd. is an integrated technology-based manufacturing enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of laser ranging products.
The company has a number of patents in laser ranging technology, and its IMETER brand products have been serialized and family-owned, mainly including phase laser range finder, pulse ranging telescope, triangulation, and various types of laser radar. Products have been widely used in: power, security, forestry, surveying and mapping, communications, hardware, construction, home improvement, outdoor, hunting, golf, police and many other measurement fields, the market has broad prospects.
The company currently has a research and development center in Shenzhen and a research and development office in Chengdu and Wuhan. Each year, the company uses 30%-50% of its profits for new product development, which enables the company to launch new products and technologies every year. To meet the needs of customers in a timely manner.
The company has a first-class clean room, 5000 square meters of advanced plant, and a professional production management team to ensure that the company's research and development results can be smoothly transformed into products into the market, providing customers with professional services in the field of laser ranging.
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